Corn meal, grits and flour

Maize kernels have appealing nutritional properties: a high content of quality starch, a fat content of less than 1%, a fermentable extract of over 90%.

That is why brewers appreciate our corn grits, using it to complement malt and promote fermentation. Beyond this important use, our corn grits facilitate the whole process and contributes to the smoothness of the beer and the brightness of its colour.

The high starch content and kernel colour mean that maize meal is used in many food processes and in various different types of cooking. The meal is used in different ways according to its granulation; how fine it is. It is then used for making a variety of extruded products (mechanical manufacturing process) like breakfast cereals (cornflakes), dry snacks or cereal bars.

Semoule de maïs


How we use these meals depends on their individual granulation, i.e. how fine they are. They are used in the production of various extruded products (mechanical manufacturing process), such as breakfast cereals (cornflakes), snacks and cereal bars.