Maize processing: our industry

LACADÉE’s relationship with maize is almost a century old. It all started in 1936 with Alfred Lacadée. Our family business was founded by Jean Lacadée and is now managed by Bernard Lacadée, the founder’s grandson.

This historical business provides advice to farmers, distributes the inputs necessary for cultivation (seeds, phytosanitary agents, soil amendments, fertilizers), drying, storage and marketing.

In 1999, our group branched out through the subsidiary LACADÉE AGRO INDUSTRIE. We then built the most modern maize mill in Europe.
Since technological innovation is a necessity but still not enough, we have chosen to continue to collect, dry and store the maize that we process ourselves.

Indeed, well-cultivated, well-seasoned and well-preserved maize is a product that is better for processing. Our control of the entire chain enables us to offer flour, meal and corn grits of excellent quality.



100 000 tonnes
collection capacity


Lacadée Agro-industrie

60 000 tonnes
processing capacity

Our maize mill, drying silos and our storage premises are all located in the same geographic area at the heart of the largest maize production region in Europe, which enables us to stay on top of every stage of the process and ensure traceability and hygiene quality, from the raw material to the finished products.